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Our mission is to deliver solutions to complex engineering problems requiring state-of-the art modeling and data analysis techniques.

Our vision is to become the supplier of choice in what we do by providing high quality, effective and responsive solutions to our clients’ problems.

The firm specializes in the management and execution of complex analytical projects for industry segments that demand absolute reliability and safety. These traits are learned from the nuclear industry, which we apply to related power generation industries, aerospace, medical software applications, as well as other industries. The company is grounded on the vast experience accumulated in licensing commercial-grade realistic, risk-informed safety analyses for Nuclear Power Plants (NPP) across the globe. FPoliSolutions brings to the table a set of tools and expertise needed to implement best practices that produce comprehensive evaluation models and analyses that fully describes the target systems.

Our team benefits from an extensive and proven technical know-how in the areas of multi-phase flow, thermal-hydraulics, heat transfer, Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD), reactor physics, numerical modeling techniques, experimental data analysis and uncertainty methodologies. Project execution leverages a flexible organizational structure designed for fast delivery of responsive solutions to customers. Our team assists the customer throughout the whole project phases from the definition of its functional requirements, through the completion of the licensing process. The final solution is designed to be traceable, transparent and robust from a regulatory stand point.