FPoliSolutions collaborates with global clients to develop data-driven and methodically-based solutions for complex technical, regulatory, and operational challenges.

FPoliSolutions possesses deep subject matter expertise, a highly capable toolbox, and a lean operational model.


The know-how to perform safety analysis for nuclear installation is a core competency of FPoli. The team can support nuclear power plant operators by:

  • Performing independent verification and peer reviews
  • Auditing analyses of vendor-supplied engineering work products
  • Adding support to resolve generic safety issues
  • Providing custom methods that can withstand regulatory review and approval

FPoli expertise includes methods and results in:

  • Thermal hydraulics
  • Containment analysis
  • Fuel performance
  • Structural analysis
  • Other specialty evaluations using independent tools and methods

FPoli engages with clients to address a broad spectrum of licensing activities, including impact and technical evaluations. FPoli has subject matter expertise in the EMDAP (Regulatory Guide 1.203) process and has supported licensing initiatives for both Gen III+ and Gen IV reactors. Our engineers have participated in the development and successful licensing for safety analysis methods guided by the EMDAP.

FPoli maintains an extensive code base for systems, fuel performance, containment, and structural analysis to support technical, economic, and safety evaluations. Examples include legacy codes such as RELAP5-3D, RELAP5/MOD3, COBRA-TF, TRANSURANUS, SAPHIRE, and RADTRAD. Examples of modern tools include SAM, BISON, GRIZZLY, RAVEN, and EMRALD.


With unmatched experience in nuclear power plant analysis and processes, FPoli provides domain expertise to industry stakeholders in support to their due diligence activities, strategy development and critical programmatic decisions.