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Software Solutions

FPoliSolutions’ technical leaders are trained in software engineering methods, process, and architecture practices. Every employee at FPoliSolutions has domain knowledge and experience in software coding for one or more languages. Regardless of the market place, be it Nuclear Engineering, Department of Defense contracting, or Bio Medical Application Development our customers expect a technical solution that is embodied in some sort of software package that will be integral to their business processes. FPoliSolutions excels at distilling abstract requirements and vision statements to realize your new concepts. We collaboratively optimize processes, designing seamless software products, then develop, test, deploy, and train your organization with the solution.

If you have feeling or a vision for integration, new deployment application, data management, or need to develop or increase a simulation model then contact us!

Software Development Services

FPoliSolutions has decades of experience in software engineering both on the code development/implementation and on the software design, testing validation, and documentation within multiple operating systems. We have a full suite of services available that range from requirements elicitation, functional requirements flow, and software design/architect to code implementation, code modification, and integration/verification/validation testing. FPoliSolutions also performs independent software reviews, inspections and maturity evaluations.

FPoliSolutions’ developers and architects are adept in working in Waterfall, Spiral, and Iterative software methods using agile and scrum development processes. FPoliSolutions uses documentation rigorous practices with UML2.0 methods and modeling software that can meet any quality requirements specified by your organization.


If you are just beginning your project and are not exactly what you need, FPoliSolutions can create the requirements for you. FPoliSolutions utilizes several processes for developing software requirements and requirements validation. Based upon your needs FPoliSolutions can start with quality attributes and system scenarios, or start with requirements and use cases to feed the function requirements flow down.

FPoliSolutions formally documents these to feed the software design process that FPoliSolutions will perform, you will perform, or a third party of your choosing will perform.


FPoliSolutions has developers and architects that have been formally training in software architecture design and analysis by Carnegie Mellon’s Software Engineering Institute. FPoliSolutions developers and architects can design, document, evaluate, and modify software architectures.

Code Development & Implementation

FPoliSolutions has decades of experience in code development and implementation.  FPoliSolutions are proficient in working in enterprise software, relational databases, web services, server based code, as well as standalone executables.  Some of our latest innovation areas have been in smartphone application development, implementing big data patterns in nuclear, and implementation of machine learning algorithms.

Testing and Deployment

FPoliSolutions uses rigorous testing processes to create formal test plans, test case creation, test validation, and testing regression. FPoliSolutions uses several platforms that can perform automated integration and regression testing, as well as automated documentation including audit trails that directly link requirements to test cases to source coding. FPoliSolutions can generate documentation and testing that will meet any regulatory requirements.

Our testing documentation links the test suite, test case to the code functions being tested. FPoliSolutions also links the requirements to each test case for testing coverage of all requirements. This practice deliverables transparent QA audit capability for the customer and regulator.

Process Improvements and Automation Services

FPoliSolutions has 3 technical leaders who are formally trained and qualified in Six Sigma and Lean Enterprise process improvement techniques. Combing these skills with formal software engineering training, FPoliSolutions has the technical capability develop business process map, then recommend process improvements and automation to eliminate errors and reduce your costs.

FPoliSolutions has process optimization, custom automation development, and integration services that will increase your efficiency and reduce your costs.

Data and Information Management Services

FPoliSolutions has custom developed data management tools and services that ensure data integrity and quality assurance trail. Source management of legacy and cutting-edge data within the same framework is challenging because of drift in documentation/recording practices with ever evolving test facilities and instrumentation enhancements. Test facility data management and analysis consumption follow a basic pattern from creation to consumption, FPoliSolutions understands this pattern and has architected a data management system with services to manage this process.