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Realistic Data-Informed Evaluation Models

Safety Analyses, Design Optimization & Robust Design:

A rigorous implementation of the Evaluation Model Development and Assessment Process (EMDAP) – Regulatory Guide 1.203 – is the basis of our projects
Support clients for licensing applications in the industry with extensive knowledge of regulatory requirements and compliance issues in the US and abroad
Support of Design Certification Applications (DCA) or Combined Operating License Applications for new plants consistent with regulatory requirements, the standard review plan (SRP – NUREG-0800) and combined license applications (Regulatory Guide 1.206)

Areas of expertise in Sections 4, 6, 9, 11, 12, 15 and 19 of the SRP (NUREG-0800)
Experience in resolution of emerging regulatory and industry issues such as Generic Safety Issues, 10 CFR 50.46c rulemaking, high burnup effects, etc.
Proficiency in integration issues among the various disciplines and analytical tools affecting the safety and operation of power plants, covering both core engineering and safety analysis aspects

Computer Code Development & Validation, Numerical Modeling & Simulation of Fluid Systems

  • Development and assessment of computer system codes such as the COBRA, TRAC and RELAP code families and containment codes such as GOTHIC.
  • In-depth proficiency in solution algorithms for computer models, code stability and variability issues
  • Design of test specifications, scaling analysis, pre-test and post-test analyses

  • Data assessment of evaluation models and integration in robust Best-Estimate Plus Uncertainties methodologies
  • Development and integration of customized software modules into pre-existing software packages to extend their range of capabilities

Scaling Analyses

  • Experts in implementation of various scaling methodologies including Hierarchical Two-Tiered Scaling (H2TS) and Fractional Scaling Analysis (FSA)
  • Quantification of scaling distortions between the full scale design and various sub scale test facilities

  • Assessment of scaling distortions on computer code qualification and validation test matrix