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Software Solutions

FPoliSolutions’ technical leaders are trained in software engineering methods, process, and architecture practices. Every employee at FPoliSolutions has domain knowledge and experience in software coding in one or more languages. Regardless of the marketplace, be it Nuclear Engineering, Department of Defense contracting, or Biomedical Application Development, our customers expect a technical solution that is embodied in some sort of software package that will be integral to their business processes. FPoliSolutions excels at distilling abstract requirements and vision statements to realize your new concepts. We collaboratively optimize processes by designing seamless software products, then develop, test, deploy, and train your organization with the solution.

If you have feeling or a vision for integration, new deployment application, data management, or need to develop or improve a simulation model then contact us!

Programming code abstract technology background of software developer and  Computer script

Nuclear Services

Nuclear safety analysis uses computer codes to predict the response of a nuclear power plant under a wide range of possible accident scenarios. Ensuring those predictions are trustworthy requires qualifying not only the computer code itself, but also the assumptions and decision choices behind scaling criteria, importance ranking, and even the selection of the validation test facilities. The entire method constitutes the Evaluation Model (EM) which must satisfy the EMDAP steps outlined in Regulatory Guide 1.203.

FPoliSolutions is a recognized industry leader at developing Evaluation Models. With a proven record in this field, FPS works on code development as well as code assessment following an exhaustive two-tier qualification strategy. Additionally, FPS provides modeling guidance for various nuclear power plant sub-systems consistent with current validation test facilities. These are just a few examples of the extensive work FPS performs on a daily basis in developing EMs for the nuclear industry.

Collaborating with the Idaho National Laboratory (INL), FPS is also at the forefront of developing strategies for handling 10 CFR 50.46c, which deals with an integrated ECCS/cladding acceptance criteria.


Renewables and Energy Storage

FPoliSolutions has extended its expertise in developing software platforms, analytical methods, modeling and algorithms to support the engineering of large scale Battery Energy Storage Systems, electric grid transmission and distribution issues as applicable to the Nuclear Energy and Renewable Energy sectors.

Data Analytics

FPoliSolutions has domain knowledge in data analytics, data mining and machine learning. FPoliSolutions can build reduced order models and surrogates and has experience with a variety of algorithms (linear models, response surfaces, support vector machines (SVMs), Gaussian Processes (GPs), Neural Networks, alternating conditional expectation, polynomial chaos, ensemble learning and many others. Also expertise in noise filtering and image processing.

There is a common pattern applied to data analysis when consuming data for predictive capabilities and verification of simulation models. FPoliSolutions has automated this pattern for fluid flow experimental facility analysis and for nuclear fuel material analysis. Streamlining the data analysis has increased efficiency for the respective organizations when evaluating data, model accuracy, and improving predictive capabilities of existing simulation software.

FPoliSolutions has standard tools and practices that can help your organization create or integrate into existing data analysis frameworks.

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