What Our Team Has To Say About Our Company


FPoliSolutions encourages individuals to creatively work on projects, find unique solutions, and gives ownership of projects to individuals or teams to allow them to see the project from conception to completion utilizing an agile process that to allow team to collaborate and quickly adapt to challenges.



The team is comprised of engineers, programmers, and business professionals. These individuals vary in experience from recent college graduates to individuals with 25 or more years of experience in the industry.

Each member is multidisciplinary – their wide range of expertise and eagerness to share their insights creates a tremendous environment for growth, especially for early career employees. The employees help create a healthy work environment where new employees are given real responsibilities and a strong support network to help address any difficulties in their assigned tasks.


FPoliSolutions has expertise in the nuclear energy field but has a broad scope of work and is always looking for new fields to learn about and seek work in. Recent projects have worked in software, nuclear safety, renewables, techno-economic, space propulsion, medical applications, etc. FPoliSolutions sets out to solve unique and challenging problems to generate new and innovative products and solutions for the industries in which we work.

Employees have the opportunity to work intimately with customers that have varying roles and levels of seniority and get to know them and their needs. At larger companies there are layers of project management and many times it is difficult to even talk to a customer directly. At FPoli you have exposure to ANS fellows, CTOs, VPs, etc. and have the opportunity to really get your name out in the industry through both work projects and conferences.



FPoliSolutions embodies work life balance through company policies, competitive benefits (Vacation, Healthcare, 401(K)), flexibility to work remotely from any location in the US and a real consideration for employee’s mental health by management.


Employees are encouraged to grow professionally via opportunities to attend and speak at conferences (For example: NURETH Nuclear Reactor Thermal Hydraulics conference), write journal papers, attend trainings, etc.


Engineering Technician

Job Description

FPoli has multiple ongoing engineering projects. As Engineering Technician, you will be expected to support the project technical leads in the execution of these projects. This position focuses on assisting the engineering staff in daily activities across multiple projects. Candidates will be performing high-fidelity simulations, building CAD models/drawings, and performing coding tasks. Candidates will also create and review technical reports and documentation related to these projects. Candidates will receive on-the-job training for these activities. This a for a full-time position (40 hours/week), Mon-Fri. Tasks will be varied and may change frequently based on the needs of current clients.

Required Skills
  • Ability to communicate (verbal and written) effectively and the ability to review technical and business-related letters/reports/papers.
  • Experience with Excel, MS Word and other typical office tools.
  • Experience with CAD, SolidWorks, CFD, MATLAB, MATHCAD are a bonus, but not required.
  • Ability to maintain the company website is a bonus, but not required.

FPoli expects that you are eager to learn and grow as an engineering technologist. You should expect growth to come in the form of training and learning new tools used in the company and the industry we cover, operating systems like Linux, and different engineering methodologies/processes.


Required high school diploma

Job Details & Benefits
  • Healthcare
  • 401K Plan
  • Telecommuting Options
  • Flexible Working Hours

Software Architect / Experienced Web Developer

Job Description

We are looking to hire an experienced web developer/DevOps Engineer with experience developing large web applications to facilitate the scaling of our business and web application. The position is not focused on backend or frontend specifically, but more on architecting, designing, and scaling highly technical web applications that perform computationally intensive calculations to support Nuclear Safety Analysis. The applicant will interface with domain experts as well as frontend and backend developers and must be able to communicate with them effectively. Tasks will include Dev. Ops, architecture development/documentation, software development, testing, configuring deployments, cyber security, develop technology roadmaps, etc. Applicant must have a strong understanding of software architectures and attribute driven development especially in the context of web applications and be able to debug/understand performance issues so solutions can be developed to enable more efficient scaling of the software. Additionally, the applicant must be able to articulate the value of software changes to management and other developers.

Required Skills
  • 6+ years industry experience
  • Databases (relational, document-based, NoSQL)
  • Operating Systems (Windows/Linux)
  • Cluster technologies
  • Cloud servers (AWS/Azure/etc.)
  • Docker and/or other container technologies
  • LDAP
  • Messaging services (Rabbit MQ, etc.)
  • Web servers (Apache HTTP, etc.)

FPoli expects that you are eager to learn and grow as a software developer. You should expect growth to come in the form of training and learning new tools used in the company and the industry we cover, operating systems like Linux, and different engineering methodologies/processes.


Bachelor’s degree in a field related to software.

Job Details & Benefits
  • Remote / Work From Home
  • 40 Hours / Week, Monday - Friday
  • Salary Range: $100,000.00 - $130,000.00 per year based on experience
  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Paid time off
  • 401(k)
  • 401(k) matching
  • Professional development assistance



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Quotation Mark

My role is special and unique because I have direct access to the president of the company and can give him input freely and openly. I get to exercise problem solving skills within a variety of domains and have access to a team of experienced developers and engineers.

I also get the opportunity to develop and exercise skills that I wouldn’t in a large company: project management, sales, personnel management, IT, and more.

Quotation Mark

Quotation Mark

From day one I’ve felt treated and respected as an equal to everyone in the team, regardless of being a new employee and early in my career. I’ve always been made to feel comfortable and encouraged to voice an opinion, express a concern, and pitch an idea, whether that be in a technical or non-technical context.

Leadership places real trust in each employee, and that is an empowering feeling that encourages each of us to take on new challenges, break through difficult barriers, and become a little bit better at our job each day.

Quotation Mark

Quotation Mark

FPoliSolutions supports work life balance, and I have the opportunity to work remote and with flexible work hours. As a morning person I am able to start my day early and sign off in the early afternoon.

Quotation Mark