FPoliSolutions | Leadership Team
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Dr. Cesare Frepoli

Founder and President

Dr. Frepoli is the founder and principal consultant for FPoliSolutions, LLC (FPS). Dr. Frepoli’s career in the nuclear industry spans over more than 25 years and is built upon solving some of the most technical problems in the nuclear industry. Areas of specialization include thermal-hydraulics, fluid-dynamics, reactor physics, core engineering, fuel performance, numerical methods, physical models for computer simulation and uncertainty methodologies for nuclear power plant safety analysis and design. Application emphasis has been given to design basis accidents such as the Loss-of-Coolant Accident (LOCA) in Pressurized Water Reactors (PWRs).

Dr. Frepoli has led nuclear R&D programs and authored numerous publications and technical reports. Dr. Frepoli has participated and led all aspects of plant licensing including development/licensing of new safety analysis methodologies, UFSAR/tech spec updates, and maintenance for operating plants, as well as design certification of new generation nuclear power plants (AP600/AP1000, SMRs, APWR, and APR1400). Before founding FPS, Dr. Frepoli was a technical leader at Westinghouse Electric Company (WEC).  There, he was the main developer and inventor of ASTRUM (SER in 2004), a major advancement in safety analysis methods, and the developer and patent submitter of the new WEC analytical tool called FULL SPECTRUM LOCATM. Dr. Frepoli played a significant role in building the technical defense for the AP1000 safety case with the NRC/ACRS, supported resolution of Generic Safety Issues such as GSI-191 and developed methods to respond to regulatory driven initiatives such as 10 CFR 50.46c.

The inception of FPS in 2013 enabled Dr. Frepoli to leverage this extensive technical background and eye for talent, while driving technical innovation within the nuclear industry.  He has built FPS to foster creativity and operate with lean principles, while delivering the highest level of quality, and providing responsive, agile solutions to an ever-changing nuclear industry.

Dan Menoher

Technical Business Development Director & Advisory Consultant

Dan Menoher’s educational background is in Nuclear Engineering and Software Project Management/ Engineering.  Dan has a B.S. and M.E. in Nuclear Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University.  Dan also is a Certified Scrum Master, Design for Six Sigma Lean Greenbelt, and has formal software architecture training.  Dan brings 10+ years of industry experience in fuel performance, thermal-hydraulics, and software development.  Dan has years of experience leading teams of engineers to develop new codes, methods, and automation tools in support of licensing criteria calculations, crud induced localized corrosion (CILC), crud induced power shift (CIPS), and data/file management enterprise solutions for the nuclear industry.   Throughout his career, Dan has supported methods development and training across Asia, Europe, and South America.

Stephen Heagy, PE

Principal Engineer

Steve is the licensed Professional Engineer at FPoliSolutions with expertise in both the Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering disciplines.  Steve has over 10 years of industry experience working within the Nuclear Safety Analysis realm; focusing on fuel performance, thermal-hydraulics, and software development/testing.  Steve holds B.S. degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Nuclear Engineering, as well as a Master’s degree in Nuclear Engineering, from The Pennsylvania State University.