FPoliSolutions' mission is to serve the global energy transition community by providing customer-tailored innovative technologies. We have a long history and extensive know-how in serving the nuclear industry and firmly believe the nuclear energy is the most sustainable path for the progress of humankind. We realize your organization’s business goals through targeted development of technology, from project conception all the way through project installation / implementation. This is possible thanks to a staff of highly qualified, multi-disciplinary engineers and software developers that can work with agility in various domains.



All of FPoliSolutions' products, software systems, consulting, and engineering services are built to specification and are integrated into the client’s existing business processes. We collaborate with global clients in the energy sector to solve complex technical challenges, enabling client success through rapid technology growth and operational excellence.

FPoliSolutions is a key player in the energy market and passionate about nuclear energy being the key component for sustainability and human progress. We strive to provide solutions for the sustainable and economical operation of the current nuclear power plant fleet and to enable the deployment of next generation nuclear reactors.



FPoliSolutions collaborates with global clients to develop data-driven solutions for complex technical, regulatory, and operational challenges. FPoliSolutions possesses subject matter expertise, a highly capable toolbox, and a lean operational model.



Our goal is to disrupt the status quo in engineering services for the nuclear industry by producing cutting edge software tools that leverage the rapid advancements in the digital frontier. We are committed to demonstrating a strong safety culture and environmental sustainability. Our team created a large portfolio of innovative and effective solutions, with no alternative in the market, that are used by leaders in nuclear industry.