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FPoliSolutions provided support to Lightcraft Technologies, Inc for a NASA/DARPA funded advanced propulsion technology project. Pre- and post- test analyses were conducted of the Millimeter Wave Thermal Launch System (MLTS) which uses a millimeter wave beam to increase rocket thrust. FPS aided in the design and fabrication of the heat exchanger/engine for the Lightcraft vehicle.

Photo courtesy of Lightcraft Technologies, Inc

Oil & Gas

The EMDAP, although developed and currently implemented in the nuclear industry, is a general roadmap for qualifying an Evaluation Model for any complex dynamic system. Following the EMDAP, FPoliSolutions has proposed an Evaluation Model for natural gas well output. Advanced simulation tools are combined with probabilistic models to offer greater flexibility in optimizing hydraulic fracturing treatments.

Bio Medical Engineering

The medical industry, like the nuclear industry has stringent requirements and regulation needs for software and technology. FPoliSolutions is identifying parallel applications where nuclear information management frameworks, data analysis techniques, and data integration patterns which have withstood the rigorous review of nuclear regulation environment, can be applied in the medical industry.

Leveraging existing nuclear grade software infrastructure, which has build in data accesses controls, transparent data integrity, and high security features can accelerate the development and deployment of medical software applications.