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FPoliSolutions has opportunities available now for motivated individuals seeking to work in an exciting environment where they can make an impact immediately. See our job postings below and submit your resume to info@fpolisolutions.com


FPoliSolutions is a small but growing Engineering Consulting company looking for talented individuals. The company was founded and is led by Dr. Cesare Frepoli who has more than 25 years of industry experience and is an internationally recognized expert in methods development and thermal-hydraulics.


FPoliSolutions specializes in delivering solutions to complex engineering problems requiring state-of-the-art modeling and data analysis techniques. We provide services mainly to the Nuclear Industry but are also expanding to other fields such as the Aerospace and Oil and Gas Industries.


FPoliSolutions is located outside of Pittsburgh, PA. Although we are a small company we have global reach, working with clients and on projects spanning across 4 continents and 10+ countries.


FPoliSolutions was founded in 2012 to fill an important industry need for advanced methods development. Joining the FPS team will provide you the opportunity to shape the company and help it grow while working on interesting and challenging problems.


FPoliSolutions LLC, Pittsburgh, PA
Job Title: Engineer

Job Description: FPoliSolutions (FPS) is currently seeking an Engineer for its office in Pittsburgh, PA. The successful candidate will be responsible for performing consulting engineering services for the firm. This may include:

  • Analytical activities
  • Model development
  • Software development
  • Validation tasks
  • Other engineering activities

Tasks will be varied and may change frequently based on the needs of current clients. The employee will be responsible for providing both written and oral reports to fellow employees and clients. With FPS being a small company the individual selected will have the opportunity to make a significant impact immediately.

Job Requirements:


  • A BS or MS in Nuclear or Mechanical Engineering or a similar field
  • Must be highly motivated and capable of working well both alone and in a team
  • Must possess excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Must be highly proficient with computers, familiarity with Linux and programming desired
  • Experience with computational Thermal-Hydraulics desired, including CFD, sub-channel analysis and/or systems codes